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Energy Healing Session:

30-40 minutes; $75

  • Removal of negative energies, blockages and attachments on all levels from the body.

  • Check, align, and re-energize chakra points in the body.

  • Channel high vibrating energy wherever needed into the body - this reconnects your soul, mind and body with the higher powers on a molecular level within.

  • Conclude the session with the discussion and advise on what crystals would be

beneficial to you and how to maintain and keep your high vibration energy integrated.

Soul Coaching Session:

30-35 minutes; $35

                • Help you to identify limiting beliefs which holds you back, release them and bring truth into a focus.

                • Help you to realize and maximize your potential for your greatest benefits.

                • Work with you and your soul to reconnect and integrate all aspects of your bodies.

                • Lead you to the right path on your spiritual journey.

Meditation class:

45 minutes; $10

  • Intuitively guided self-aware meditation to release all forms of negativity and realign with your purpose.

  • Allows you to reach deep within yourself and discover your inner power.

  • Ended with the talk covering practical advice for living a balanced, meaningful and happy life.

  • Suitable for everyone.