About me

 Simona Hudova - Colors of the Earth llc

Do you ever feel as though you may be “different” than your peers, but can’t place your finger on it? I certainly do! As a young girl, I felt different from the other children and very conscious of the fact that I did not seem to quite fit in with others. These lead to realization and development of my unique gifts. It was my childhood experiences that guided me to start my spiritual journey. Through my own personal journey I discovered my abilities to work with and harness energy in a positive manner.

 I would be honored to help guide you along a path which best fits your purpose and soul. Our spiritual journeys are constantly evolving; change can be difficult and I respect my clients free will. We will only go as far as you are willing to. I look forward to working with you and guiding you on your spiritual path.

                      From my heart to yours.

                                                                          Simona Hudova