Energy Healing - Personal Soul Coach


Energy Healing

  • Align and re-energize Chakras.

  • Clear negative energies attached to etheric and physical body.

  • Restore etheric body to original blueprint.

  • Channel Universal energy to reactivate the body energy system to achieve balance.

Personal Soul Coach

  • Facilitate negative energy release to increase positive energy flow.

  • Bring truth, forgiveness and acceptance into focus.

  • Assist reconnection to Devine higher self with soul, mind and body for your greatest benefits.

Meditation Classes

  • Reduce stress by releasing anything unnecessary from your mind and body.

  • Bring deeper awareness of your body to your conscious mind.

  • Activate your powers within for spiritual and body healing.

Disclaimer : I am not a licensed medical practitioner, nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed healthcare provider. Therefore you should seek the care of a licensed practitioner with any healthcare concerns you might have.

Healing intensity integrated into a body might wary per client. I do not heal illness or disease.. I do clear negative energies and energy blocks from the body to enable healthy energy flow throughout the body energy field.